About Us

We are local to Austin and not a national franchise that gives out low offers without even seeing your home. We are the number one local cash purchaser of homes here in Austin and pride ourselves on being the fairest in the business. Being in the business of buying homes for the last 11 years, we have gained a firm understanding that all transactions must be equally “fair” to both parties at hand. This does not simply mean that we go out and buy properties at every seller’s asking price because there are many factors that must be considered before a “fair” agreement can be made, such as: property condition, buying as-is, market conditions, property location, no commissions, no closing costs, closing fast, paying cash, etc. After taking all factors into consideration we can then provide a “fair” offer which we believe to be mutually beneficial to both buyer and seller.

Better Business Bureau

We are proud to be members of the better business bureau with not a single negative mark on our record. As you can see throughout our site, our mission is to do business honestly and fairly with a focus on being local to Austin. Everyone at our office that makes offers on properties is a licensed realtor as well. Many people in this business shy away from the scrutiny of being licensed because they feel it protects them from accountability. We believe in full accountability and therefore want to be held at a higher standard than the rest of the business. And it is for that reason that we are all licensed by the state of TEXAS. This ensures that you are always dealing with someone who is held accountable for their actions and not someone that can just disappear into the wild if a deal starts to head south!