Frequently Asked Questions About Selling 2 Tex

Got questions about selling to tex? On this page you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to selling a home your home to Tex.

Please keep in mind, that while these are our frequently asked questions, you can always reach us by phone at 512-472-2TEX(2839) or 1-877-999-2TEX(2839). We can also be reached by visiting the Contact Us page on this website or just send us an email at!

  1. Who usually sells a house to TEX?
  2. What type of homes does TEX buy?
  3. Are you guys like the “Ugly Houses” guys I’ve seen on t.v.?
  4. What is the process for selling my home to TEX?
  5. How long does it take to sell my home to TEX?
  6. How do you come up with the price for my home?
  7. What about my tax assessed value, is that what my house is worth?
  8. Will I get market value for my home or just a low-ball offer?
  9. Do I have to sell my home, if I call TEX about a cash offer?
  10. Who is TEX and Texstar Acquisitions and why should I sell to them?
Question: Who usually sells a house to TEX?

A big misconception that many of our sellers have, is that you must be in some sort of financial difficulty in order to sell your house to TEX. This couldn’t be further from the truth! While we do by many homes that are facing foreclosure or delinquent on taxes, that is not ALL we buy. We will buy any home and our motto is “TEX buys houses, FAST and FAIR”. We are committed to offering the best possible price for your home, period. Many different types of homeowners sell their houses, condos, vacant land, etc. to TEX for any number of reasons, including:

  • Inheriting a property and wanting to sell it quickly
  • House Needs Work and You Don’t Want to Fix it Up
  • Tired of Constantly Rising Property Taxes
  • Tired of Hassling with Tenants
  • Relocating out of the area
  • Being behind on mortgage payments and facing foreclosure
  • Have Growing Debt to Settle due to divorce, medical bills, etc.
  • Don't Want to Pay a Real Estate Commission
  • Not having the money or desire to make necessary home repairs

Our number one focus is meeting the needs of our sellers. We do this by dealing honestly and fairly with all sellers and creating a positive relationship by doing business in a straightforward easy to understand manner with no hidden costs/fees.

Question: What type of homes does TEX buy?

This is the easiest question for us to answer, as TEX buys ALL HOUSES! While we typically buy houses that need a significant amount of work, we will buy any home as long as it makes sense. We buy houses that need to be torn to the ground and re-built from the ground up and we also buy houses that need no work and might even already have tenants living in the property. One of the best things about selling your home to TEX is that we are a local business and not a franchise so we are able to buy whatever we want. There is no secret formula that we have to follow. You are dealing with the decision makers directly and we try to make the process as simple as possible! Some typical houses we might buy are:

  • A house with non-paying tenants
  • A house that has been vacant since inherited
  • A house in need of major structural/mechanical repairs
  • A house in an area that has been overridden with crime
  • A house that has back-due taxes or mortgage payments
  • A house in a that has had fire or flood damage
  • A house that has become cumbersome to manage due to owners moving further away
  • A house that has just become a “headache” for an owner

Just to name a few...

Question: Are you guys like the “Ugly Houses” guys I’ve seen on t.v.?

While our basic business model is very similar, we believe we offer a much more fair and honest service than anyone else in this business. We are a local business with over 20 years of home buying experience (LONG BEFORE THOSE GUYS WERE IN EXISTANCE!). We do not have any restrictions on our home buying and therefore feel we can better serve sellers. We also generally purchase our properties for rental purposes which allows us to be able to pay a bit more for properties than the other guys. We purchase well over one hundred homes a year, so we don’t try to make HUGE PROFITS off of one deal. We are volume based and generally don’t “flip” houses therefore we don’t need a huge profit margin.

When you “Sell 2 TEX” you are dealing directly with the owners of the company and not some corporate structure. We will do what need be to get the deal done for our seller. Every deal is different and we tailor each deal to the needs of the individual!

Question: Are you guys like the “Ugly Houses” guys I’ve seen on t.v.?

A detailed list of what options you have for selling your house to TEX can be found in the What Are My Options page of this site. Over 95% of our purchases are straight cash purchases from the seller. A summary of this process is as follows:

  1. Call us 512-472-2TEX(2839) or 1-877-999-2TEX(2839) and give us the details about your home. (we can also be reached via the Contact Us section of this website or email us at
  2. Within 24 hours of you contacting us, we will contact you to get more information about your home and discuss a specific plan to meet all of the needs of your specific situation.
  3. Next, we will schedule an appointment to come to your home in person and do a basic walkthrough inspection of the home to help us come up with a price that is fair for both you as the seller and TEX.
  4. We can generally give you an offer right then and there. Our offers are straight to the point with no hidden agendas or difficult calculations to figure out what your NET proceeds will be. We pay all closing costs so what we offer is what you get!
  5. Once we have a signed contract, TEX will send all of the paperwork to the title company to ensure we have clear title. Once that is confirmed we can generally close in about 24 hours, It’s that simple!
Question: How Long does it take to sell my home to TEX?

A full list of all of the options and projected timelines can be found within this website in the “How Long Does It Take” section of this website.

The fastest way to sell you house is to sell it to CASH. If the house is free of any title issues or liens we can generally close within 24-72 hours. We can close this fast because as a cash buyer, we do not need to get qualified for a loan or wait for loan documents to be drawn up. As cash buyers, we make decisions quickly. We also pay for all of the closing costs, back payments or taxes, or whatever it takes to get the deal closed. Once we verify that title to the house is clear what, if any, liens are existing on the property, closing can take place.

Question: How do you come up with the price for my home?

When we evaluate your home, we look at a number of different factors to come up with our offer on your house. Before we even come out to the house we will perform a detailed analysis of past and present sales in your immediate area which gives us a general idea of values in the area. We know Austin and its surrounding areas very well, so most of the time we already own properties in the area, but we always double check since in this market values can go up or down as much as 10% in only a few short months. The key factors we look at when evaluating a price for your home are as follows:

  • If the home is a rental, What are the current rents for the property?
  • What is the condition of the home?
  • How much will it cost to repair/renovate the home?
  • How long will the above mentioned repairs take to complete?
  • What are the other homes in the area selling for right now?
  • What costs would you, the seller, incur if you sold your house with a realtor?
  • What are the carrying costs of the home (i.e. utilities, HOA, taxes, etc)

Again, it is important to remember that unlock the big franchises, we don’t have a “magic formula” to come up with a value for your home. We know that all homes are different and we evaluate each one on an individual basis to ensure the fastest and fairest offer possible!

Question: What about my tax assessed value, is that what my house is worth?

We get this question a lot and unfortunately most sellers don’t like the answer, since I would imagine that well over 75% of all of the homes in Austin are “OVERASSESSED”. Which basically just means, that although the market has dropped considerably in recent years, tax values have not fallen along with the values. The primary reason for this is that the government still needs money via taxes even in a downturn economy. So, unless you actively fight your property taxes every year, you are probably overpaying in taxes and therefore “overassessed”.

Having said that, we do not offer a percentage of tax assessed value and again, we have no “secret formula” for purchasing homes. We totally take it out of the equation in today’s market and place absolutely no value on the tax assessed value. We look at current market prices, recent sales, and the condition of the property.

Question: Will I get market value for my house or just a “low-ball” offer?

We always try to make our offers as fair as possible for BOTH parties with we purchase a home from a seller. As we said earlier, we generally purchase these houses for rental purposes and can usually pay more for a house than the “flipper” looking to fix the house up for a quick sale. We take into account the repairs necessary to fix the home up, the fees that you, as a seller, would incur if you were to sell your house conventionally with a realtor, and any other details that affect the value of your particular home to come up with a fair price for the house.

We are not the guys that come into your home and try to offer 30 or 50 cents on the dollar! We purchase over 100 homes per year and are a volume based business. We don’t have to have huge profit margins on our deals, and therefore can generally pay more than the other guys. That being said, we do expect a discount for the ease of transaction and purchasing the property for all cash, closing quickly, and purchasing the home “as-is”. But, that might equal out to a few thousand dollars on a house with a purchase price over $100,000, not tens of thousands of dollars!

Question: Do I have to sell my house if I call TEX about a cash offer?

Under no circumstance are you obligated to sell your home to TEX when you contact us about selling your home. You also, will never have to pay any fees or costs for TEX to make an offer when you're interested in selling your home for cash.

We strive on being very honest with our sellers and in no way do we expect to purchase every home that we get a call on. We simply come out and evaluate your home absolutely free of charge with absolutely no obligation to sell, EVER! We will give you our honest opinion of the value of your home to us but the decision to sell is always yours. We are not “salesman” either and will never try to talk you into selling us your home. We only want to purchase your home if you are ready, willing, and able to sell us the home at the price we think is fair. We want everyone to be happy with the transaction from the beginning to ensure a smooth transaction with all parties involved!

Question: Who is TEX and Texstar Acquisitions, and Why should I sell to them?

We are a local based real estate company with over 20 years of experience buying homes. We are local to Austin and have been members of the Better Business Bureau since our inception. When you deal with us you can be assured that you are dealing locally and dealing directly with the owners and decision makers of the company. We have many employees but it is not rare to have the owners themselves answer your call and evaluate your home. We believe in doing business honestly and fairly and creating smooth transactions with everyone who sells to TEX, whether they are going through a hard time or just moving in a different direction.