How Long Does It Take To Sell My House To Tex

Quick Cash Close

The fastest way to sell you house is to sell it to CASH. If the house is free of any title issues or liens we can generally close within 24-72 hours. We can close this fast because as a cash buyer, we do not need to get qualified for a loan or wait for loan documents to be drawn up. As cash buyers, we make decisions quickly. We also pay for all of the closing costs, back payments or taxes, or whatever it takes to get the deal closed. Once we verify that title to the house is clear what, if any, liens are existing on the property, closing can take place.

A conventional, non-cash, buyer generally requires about 45-60 days to close on a house once clear title has been established. There are numerous inspections that must be ordered, along with surveys, appraisals, and mandatory repairs that all must be taken care of prior to closing. We are paying cash and therefore the process is much easier since there is no “big bank” to answer to. We do all of our own inspections which saves time and money!

Cash Close

While we do close many deals under our “quick cash close” model, our most used closing is the traditional cash close which generally takes between 2 and 4 weeks. This is our customary time period for closing unless we need to accommodate the specific “quick close” needs of a seller. This slightly longer time frame allows us to dot all of the I’s and cross all of the t’s. This method is generally used when we have to order a payoff from a large bank or resolve an outstanding title issue. We are still ready to close as soon as liens are verified and title issues are resolved, but this process is a little less rushed.

Purchase with Owner Financing or “subject-to” your existing mortgage

When we close a property “subject-to” the existing mortgage or using owner financing, we can generally close in about 5-7 days. Generally when we purchase a property subject to the existing mortgage (more info on “subject-to” sales in the “What are my options” section of this site) we can close immediately after receiving clear title. Since we do not have large sums of money to transfer, this process is very smooth and does not take much time.

The biggest hurdle with closing these special financing deals, is getting a precise loan payment amount including any arrears in the mortgage or taxes. Once we have those numbers we can close within 24 hours which is entirely dependent on the bank that currently holds the mortgage. Some banks are quick and others are very slow. Most all of them want the mortgage to get caught up, so we generally have a pretty quick turnaround time.