“Texstar Acquisitions recently purchased my father’s house, and made what could have been a very difficult situation, an extremely positive experience. My father’s house was in need of many repairs but that wasn’t a problem for Texstar. They were not scared of the work needed and could see past all of the clutter and needed repairs. We felt really comfortable with them and they have a great knowledge of how to do any repairs and bring a neglected house back to its former glory.

I couldn’t believe how fair Texstar’s offer was for my dad’s house. They gave us a great offer and we closed in less than 30 days. They even let us negotiate the price to where we could leave all of the 30 plus years of junk that my father had accumulated and didn’t even have to clean the house out! To say the transaction was easy, would be a great understatement. I couldn’t believe how smooth things went!”

- June S., Bastrop, TX

“I was a bit skeptical before calling in because I figured they were just going to give me some low-ball offer of 50 cents on the dollar for my investment property in North Austin. That is basically what another company had offered me two years ago and I figured these home buying companies were all the same. After a little negotiating back and forth we were actually able to settle on an offer that I thought was more than fair. They paid all the closing costs and closed fast. Good piece of business. Definitely would recommend Texstar Acquisitions.”

- Tim B., Houston, TX

“I would recommend Texstar Acquisitions to anyone looking to sell their home. We got an offer on the spot when we showed them our house and it was really great to deal with someone local. We needed to sell our house fast and it was in such bad condition that there was no way we could sell it through a realtor. We were almost embarrassed to have them come and take a look, but to them the repairs were no sweat. They gave us a fair offer and it was really great to deal with such an honest and professional company.”

- Sandra S., Austin, TX

“When I lost my job, my wife and I hit some really tough times. We had no idea what we were going to do to get our heads back above water and then we found Texstar Acquisitions online. They showed up at our house on the same day that we contacted them and made us an offer that same afternoon. They handled all of the paperwork, paid for all of our closings costs and closed on our house 2 weeks after they made us an offer. I had no idea there was anyone that could make selling a house so easy and effortless. I just don’t know what we would have done without them and I would recommend Texstar to anyone looking for a professional and effortless transaction.”

- Bo and Betsy H., Austin, TX

“When my mother passed away, I was left with the daunting task of handling her affairs. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough, without the stress of selling their house and cleaning and repairing all of the maintenance issues that come with owning a home for over thirty years.

I had little to no experience with selling a home and Texstar Acquisitions walked me through the process, holding my hand the entire time. They met me out at my mom’s house the day after I called them and it was such a relief to deal with someone so knowledgeable and honest. I must say that I was quite surprised when such a young man, whom I later discovered was the owner, showed up at my door to walk through the house and make me an offer. He looked young, but after two minutes of walking around the house with him, I knew that he had much more knowledge than the other two gentlemen that had already come by and looked at the house, who were both much older. He gave me an offer on the same day that he looked at my mom’s house which was surprising considering I was still waiting to hear back from the two men who had looked at the house more than a week prior.

We closed on the sale a few weeks later and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. After we signed the contract, I had to speak with the title company a few times to clear up some of the issues with my mom’s will, but other than those few phone calls, I did nothing after signing the contract. I showed up to the title company, signed a few papers, and got my check! I had no idea such a difficult time and situation could be handled with such ease and professionalism. I have already referred Texstar to one of my neighbors in a similar situation and will continue to do so with everyone looking to sell their house quickly and for a fair price. Thanks again Texstar!”

- Allie F., Austin, TX

“Selling to Tex really is FAST and FAIR! Although a cowboy did not show up at my house with hammer in hand to make me an offer on my house, an extremely knowledgeable young man did. He walked through my house with me and we discussed all of the repairs needed and not one of them, including the major foundation settlement, made him bat an eye. He also showed me some recent house sales down the street from my house so that I knew some actual sales, which made me feel comfortable that he wasn’t trying to pull the wool over my eyes and steal my house.

Texstar Acquisitions made me an extremely fair offer on my home two days after walking through my house with me. They explained how they arrived at their price and to be honest, the offer was so good that I didn’t even have to try to negotiate up on the price. And it only got better after signing the contract. They handled all of the closing details and I literally just showed up at the title company with my driver’s license a few weeks later, signed my documents, and got my check. I kept waiting for the catch, but to my pleasant surprise, there wasn’t one!”

- Isaiah M., Austin, TX

“What really made me feel at ease with Texstar Acquisitions was that the representative that came to my house to give me an offer was licensed here in Texas. I have to admit that I am somewhat of a skeptical person and I had talked to quite a few people about selling my house, but I honestly just didn’t trust any of them. The associate from Texstar came to my house and it was like night and day between this guy and everyone else that had come by to give me a quote. It was nice to deal with a professional, especially when the others that came out just didn’t seem to have the knowledge that Texstar did. Add in the fact that he was licensed by the state, and it was just a no brainer for me. I have heard a few nightmare stories about selling to these fly by night real estate investors. In the end Texstar’s offer was the 2nd highest price out of five people, but I just felt most comfortable with them that I chose to forego the extra $2,000 I could’ve gotten from the one higher offer. They just managed to ease my mind, which my husband can attest, is no simple task, lol.”

- Dawn T., Buda, TX

“I needed to sell my house in Round Rock fast (for personal reasons), but did not yet have a place to move to. I spoke with one of the owners at Texstar and he said he could buy my house and allow me to lease it back from him until I found a new place. I was so happy he was able to do that for me because I didn’t really have many other options. We closed the house just 9 days after he first came out to look at it and I ended up leasing it back for 3 months. What a life saver…Thanks again!!”

- Michelle M., Round Rock, TX

“I owned a rental property here in Austin that my father left me when he passed away. The house had a tenant that had been in the house for over 10 years, so when my father passed I just kept the place rented with the same tenant. To be honest, I didn’t even go in the house until two years after I inherited the house because the rent was always on time and I never heard any complaints from my tenant.

After calling the Ugly houses guys and a few other real estate people I found online, I stumbled upon Texstar Acquisition’s SELL2TEX website online. I gave them a call and one of the guys was out at the house in less than 24 hours and gave me a contract that same day, something that none of the other guys did (I’m still waiting on a price from one of them). He walked me through the contract line by line and was by far the most knowledgeable and professional person I met with. We closed a little over a month later and I even got to leave all of the tenant’s junk that was left behind when he moved out. I couldn’t have asked for an easier transaction with more professional people. I highly recommend Texstar Acquisitions to anyone looking to sell a house that needs some work, or any house for that matter.”

- Javier N., Austin, TX

“We sold our South Austin duplex to Texstar last month and were very happy with the transaction. They closed fast, paid all the closing costs, and we didn’t have to fix a thing. No complaints whatsoever!”

- Shontrell P., Austin, TX

“Texstar Acquisitions was just what we needed when we had to sell our house. They were honest with us and made us a fair offer for our house and did it quicker than anyone else that we talked to. I would recommend Texstar Acquisitions to anyone looking to sell their house.”

- Ginny B., Round Rock, TX

“I decided to contact Texstar Acquisitions after I had two tenants move out of two of my rental houses within the same month. I have been a landlord for over 25 years and I just got tired of dealing with the horrible condition tenants are always leaving my properties in. When I was younger it didn’t seem like such a big deal to me, but I am now 72 years old and just can’t keep up with it anymore. So I decided it was time to sell some of my properties. I told the guy from Texstar about the two recently vacant houses and another rented one that I was also looking to sell. I didn’t expect that these guys would be able to buy all three houses from me so I was pleasantly surprised when he said if we could come up with a fair price he could buy all three! And that’s exactly what happened. They bought all three houses from me and closed all three at the same time. The whole transaction went very smoothly and I told the owner whenever I’m ready to sell any more properties I will definitely call him.”

- Jim D., Austin, TX

“I had my property in Austin listed on MLS for 6 months and obviously the price the Realtor told me I could get was way too high considering I didn’t get a single offer in 6 months. After about a year of having the house off the market I decided to give it another crack at selling. I was determined to try and find a buyer myself because I wasn’t really up for another 6-month disappoint with a Realtor. I found Texstar Acquisitions and I was happy I did. I ended up selling the house for a bit less than I would’ve liked, but the fact it was a hassle-free transaction that closed in only 10 days definitely made up for it. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!”

- David B., Modesto, CA

“I dealt with one of the owners of Texstar Acquisitions and I can tell you that he was very professional and easy to work with. On our initial conversation he explained to me exactly how everything would work and he definitely lived up to it. All my questions and concerns were addressed and the entire transaction went very smoothly. Great company!”

- Barbara M., Austin, TX